Marvelous Megan Auster-Rosen

Writer of, and Actor in, From The Same Cloth

Megan Auster-Rosen  is a busy woman. She is currently pursuing her PhD in clinical psychology, seeing several patients a week as part of that program, volunteering for an after school program, and oh yes, writing and acting in Fault Line Theatre’s latest project, From the Same Cloth.

I’m marveled by her ability to deftly juggle all of her outside responsibilities and pour herself completely into From the Same Cloth. The photo below shows her portraying the Shaman, one of the many characters she plays in this show.

There are very specific vocal and physical techniques required to play multiple characters effectively.  It’s necessary for each character to possess a distinct voice and physicality and that the change from one to another happen swiftly as an actor breathes in to speak the next line. Shifting focal points is also important because it allows the audience to understand who is speaking to whom. Megan is executing these techniques wonderfully. It has been a pleasure to watch her performance grow and change throughout the course of the rehearsal process. I’m excited for you to see it on opening weekend.

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