Megan Auster-Rosen

Megan Auster-Rosen has traveled around the world, writing, performing, and teaching. She graduated from Cornell University with a major in theatre arts and a concentration in visual studies. Her senior honors thesis explored the use of performance in healing trauma. She continued this line of inquiry while receiving a master’s degree in Performance Studies from New York University. Megan studied dance and drum in West Africa, developed a dance and theater program for an orphanage in Cambodia, and has performed her work in festivals in Europe and South America. She currently works for the International Trauma Studies Program and has helped write, direct, and produce theatrical productions featuring the stories of multi-national refugees. She most recently performed Checkpoints, one of the pieces she co-wrote with ITSP members, at the New School conference The Future of Liberia: Reform, Redress, and Recovery. Megan is currently living in Brooklyn and pursuing a doctoral degree in clinical psychology at Yeshiva University. Her focus is on the neuropsychology of trauma memory and how narrative, performance and embodiment of one’s story may change brain functioning.