A Note From The Director of Dr. Faustus

An incredibly poetic story filled with magic, spectacle, comedy and tragedy, thematically Dr. Faustus couldn’t have more resonance in our world. We take our advancement and our technology for granted. We trust our doctors and put our opinions in the hands of tv’s talking heads. Every day we see overly ambitious and falsely glorified people who seem to have made some kind of supernatural bargain to achieve heights previously unimagined. Some obvious in their brilliance, as Steve Jobs, some in their lust, as Bernie Madoff, and some in their unfathomable, undeserved success, as the Kardashian clan. What we want to examine, because on some level these are crimes of opportunity, temptations to which any of us could fall prey, is the question of desire. What would you, member of our audience, sell your soul for?

— Aaron Rossini