Aristophanes is The Father of Comedy and the only extant dramatist of the Greek "Old Comedy." Aristophanes himself was born c. 448 BCE at Athens during the city's heyday under Pericles. Not much is known about Aristophanes or his family except that they had enough money to supply their son with an excellent education that provided him with a firm foundation in literature and philosophy.

We love cartoons, and when we re-read this play -- thinking about our second season -- we couldn’t help but think that it should be produced by Looney Toons; it should be Bugs and Daffy and Elmer as a theater company producing Aristophanes’ Frogs. We thought, there’s a beginning to all this comedy stuff and Aristophanes was a part of that beginning. We jumped at the opportunity to produce a cartoon because, well, we can’t draw, and Aristophanes has given us a great gift here.

Fault Line Theatre: Frogs. Regional: Theatre of Dionysus The Acharnians, The Knights, The Clouds, The Wasps, Peace, The Birds, Lysistrata.