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A New Play From The Brains Behind 'House of Cards'

In the fast-talking storytelling tradition of Aaron Sorkin and David Mamet, there’s a new name to know: Beau Willimon. He’s responsible for Netflix’s ungodly addictive House of Cards but also penned Farragut North, the play that became George Clooney’s Oscar-nominated film The Ides of March.

And his new off-Broadway show is just as much of a gut-puncher as the rest.

Breathing Time centers around an odd couple of sorts as they go about a typical morning in their NYC banking office. Jack is the booze-soaked, attention-hungry marketing guy; Mike is the straightlaced suburban father who works in derivatives. Their seemingly mundane conversations get increasingly heavier until you’re hit with a Frank Underwood-level reveal (that you can absolutely see coming but never want to).

The story later follows Jack’s sister and Mike’s wife as they also become an unlikely pair. But the idea here is less about plot, more about character studies and all about acting. (It’s impossible to look away from Craig Divino, who plays Jack.)

Who knows? You may have just discovered the next thing that develops into the thing that wins an Oscar.

Runs through April 13; IATI Theater, 64 E. Fourth St. (between Bowery and Second Ave.)

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