From White Plains

February 8 - March 9, 2013
The Studio Theatre at the Pershing Square Signature Center

A new play written by Michael Perlman in collaboration with Craig Wesley Divino, Karl Gregory, Jimmy King, and Aaron Rossini
Directed by Michael Perlman

"Just because it gets better doesn't mean it didn't happen"

Following a critically-acclaimed run in June, 2012 at La Tea Theatre, Fault Line Theatre brings its hit drama From White Plains to the Pershing Square Signature Center reuniting the original cast and creative team

After a shocking announcement on international television, 30 year old Ethan Rice finds himself finally having to confront who he was and what he did as a teenager.

From White Plains follows four men, straight and gay, as they attempt to take responsibility for past actions and move beyond them, aided and frustrated by social media and viral videos. The play examines how male relationships change as boys grow into men and asks who speaks for a victim of bullying when he is no longer here to speak for himself.

Runtime: 95 minutes (no intermission)


Craig Wesley Divino*
Karl Gregory*
Jimmy King*
Aaron Rossini*

Stage Manager: Brooke Redler*
Set Design: Tristan Jeffers
Lighting Design: John Eckert
Costume Design: Jessica Wegener Shay
Sound Design: Chad Raines
Assistant Director: John Bezark
Assistant Costume Design: Ashley Rose Horton
Poster Design: Mandi O'Brien
Development Consultant: Diana Buirski
Line Producer: Melanie Hopkins
Production Manager: Jamie Steffen

* appears courtesy of Actors' Equity Association


CRITICS PICK - …This briskly moving and finely acted play… bristles with suspense. There are lives hanging in the balance here, playing out in arenas both painfully intimate and glaringly public.
— The New York Times
What has to be said is that the beauty of the extraordinarily well-acted drama is its complete avoidance by Perlman and colleagues of any black-and-white conclusions... Perlman and crew are intrigued to decide if there are instances when forgiveness is not only unwarranted but itself unforgivable. It’s a dilemma that’s rarely been illustrated with such heart-breaking authority.
— The Huffington Post
“From White Plains” poses tough questions about responsibility, maturity, and forgiveness that you’ll likely be pondering long after it’s over.
— Backstage (New York)
★★★★ CRITICS PICK - The play addresses the question of bullying with sincerity and insight
— TimeOut New York